JUNE 2017


Partnership with Ohio Attorney General to help families hurt by opioid abuse

Children are some of the most severely affected by today’s opiate crisis, and a new pilot intervention program will provide specialized services to youth who have suffered due to parental drug use. Four of the college’s faculty will examine what works best in helping parents regain sobriety, maintain treatment and reduce recurrence. READ MORE


Research to identify service gaps for immigrants and refugees in Central Ohio

A group of faculty is charged with collaborating with the City of Columbus on research to identify gaps that may exist in local social-service networks for immigrants and refugees. The goal: to make Central Ohio a welcoming city. READ MORE


Written prisoner interactions predict whether they’ll clean up their acts

The words prisoners use in written communications may be a predictor of whether or not they’ll return to crime, according to recent research by Dr. Keith Warren. Find out how they’re less likely to reoffend when their word choices change. READ MORE


Faculty and staff awarded for research, collaboration, going above and beyond

This academic year was filled with many accolades and recognition for our distinguished faculty. Take a look at their achievements and join us as we celebrate them.
• Anderson-Butcher, Bunger named 2017 SSWR Fellows
• Davis Receives Ohio State’s Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award
• Kaiser awarded for “Follow the Tomato” class, Franklinton Gardens honored
• Karandikar Honored with Outstanding Advisor Award from Ohio State’s Office of Student Life
READ MORE for other faculty and staff awards.


College’s graduation ceremony: a unique blend of technology and tradition

Too far away to attend a graduation? The college’s live feed and social media blitz solve the distance problem while adding a twist of technology to this more than 20-year-old ceremony filled with tradition. CHECK IT OUT


Great mascots think alike

What happens when Ohio State’s Brutus Buckeye and Sir CC of the Cleveland Cavaliers join forces to support at-risk youth? They help you raise nearly $14,000 for LiFEsports programming that reaches more than 1,000 youth! TAKE A LOOK