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Honors Program

Our Honors Program promotes the intellectual and personal development of our undergraduate students through an enriched academic experience and integration of curricular and co-curricular programming. As a member of our Honors Program, you’ll select your own research or social impact project and engage in one-on-one work with a faculty advisor. You also will receive a financial stipend and have priority in the field placement selection process.

The Honors Program, which currently offers a choice of a Thesis, Social Impact or Second Major pathway, seeks to enhance creative thinking and critical inquiry skills, and develop dynamic leaders who are prepared to meaningfully engage with issues relevant to the social work profession.

Social Work students who have at least a 3.4 grade point average may apply to the Honors Program. Successful completion of the Honors Program leads to graduation with Honors Research Distinction or Honors Distinction.

For more information, contact Andréa Severson at