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Your Four Years at Ohio State

Our BSSW degree includes 120 hours of coursework. You’ll begin the program completing a blend of social work courses and general education requirements in social and natural sciences, math, writing, humanities and themes focusing on areas such as health and well-being, lived environments, sustainability, citizenship and more. After completing prerequisites, you can declare the social work major where you’ll learn skills in client engagement, assessment, service planning, case management, crisis intervention, program evaluation, community organizing and advocacy.

Coursework Breakdown

Social Work Pre-requisite Course Hours – 22

GE and Free Elective Course Hours – 39

Social Work Major Course Hours – 46

Social Work Elective Course Hours – 13

Total Hours – 120

Year Autumn Spring
Curriculum - Undergraduate
Year 1 SWK 1100 Social Work Survey
SWK 1130 Intro to Social Work
Writing & Information Literacy GE
Sociology 1101
Launch Seminar
Free Electives
Race, Ethnic & Gender Diversity GE
SWK 1120 Intro to Social Welfare
SWK 3301 Lifespan Development
Psychology 1100
MATH 1116 or STAT 1350
Year 2 Literary/Visual & Performing Arts GE
Historical & Cultural Ideas GE
Citizenship Theme GEs
Free Electives
Theme GEs: Student Choice
Natural Science GE
Reflection Seminar
Free Electives
Year 3 SWK 3101 Professional Values & Ethics
SWK 3401 Research & Stats for SWK Problems
SWK 3501 Engagement & Interviewing
SWK 3600 Intro to Psychopathology
SWK Elective
SWK 3201 Social Justice and Social Welfare Policy
SWK 3402 Research & Stats for SWK Interventions
SWK 3502 Practice with Individuals
SWK 3503 Practice with Diverse Populations
SWK Elective
Year 4 SWK 4501 Practice with Families
SWK 4502 Practice with Groups
SWK 4188 Field Seminar
SWK 4189 Field Placement
SWK Elective
SWK 4503 Practice with Organizations and Communities
SWK 4188 Field Seminar
SWK 4189 Field Placement
SWK Elective
SWK Elective

Required Courses

No.  Title  Credits  Description 
Required Courses - Undergraduate
3101  Professional Values & Ethics  Introduction to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, ethical theory, issues and dilemmas that confront professional social workers. 
3201  Social Justice & Social Welfare Policy  Introduction to social justice and injustice; strategies to address injustice and advocate for vulnerable populations. 
3401  Research and Statistics for Understanding SWK Problems and Diverse Populations  Application of research evidence to answer questions about social work problems and diverse populations. 
3402  Research and Statistics for Understanding SWK Interventions  Application of research evidence to inform and evaluate social work practice at all intervention levels. 
3501  Engagement & Interviewing Skills  Development of communication skills that provide a foundation for practice and facilitate entry into the field. 
3502  Practice with Individuals  Theories, knowledge and skills of generalist social work practice, with an emphasis on work with individuals. 
3503  Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations  Foundation knowledge and a social work perspective for working with diverse populations, especially those who are oppressed and marginalized. 
3600  Intro to Psychopathology and Social Work Practice  Mental health conditions, strategies for building on clients’ strengths and resilience, and awareness of the mental health delivery system and resources. 
4188  Field Seminar 2  Integration of classroom knowledge and practice experiences; companion to field practicum (one credit per semester). 
4189  Field Practicum  10  Two-semester internship in a social work agency; integration of classroom knowledge and skills with practice experiences (five credits per semester). 
4501  Generalist Practice with Families  Application of professional values, knowledge, and skills essential for effective generalist social work practice with families. 
4502  Generalist Practice with Groups  Application of professional values, knowledge, and skills essential for effective generalist social work practice with groups. 
4503  Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities Application of professional values, knowledge and skills essential for effective generalist social work practice with communities and organizations. 


  • Social Work Practice in Schools
  • Introduction to Psychopathology and Social Work Practice
  • Sport and Positive Youth Development
  • Human Trafficking: Domestic and Global Perspectives
  • Adolescent Sexuality: A Global Perspective
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Theories and Biological Basis of Substance Misuse
  • Preventing Substance Misuse
  • Intervening with Individual Regarding Substance Misuse
  • Global Social Work Perspectives on Poverty and Inequality
  • Group and Relationship Approaches in Substance Misuse Treatment
  • Summer Institute of Addiction Studies
  • Thesis Research
  • Writing for Agency Practice
  • AIDS: Facts and Issues
  • International Social Work
  • Sexualities, Diversity and Social Work
  • Child Welfare I and II
  • Family Caregiving: Contemporary Issues, Programs and Policies
  • Loss and Grief: A Social Work Practice Perspective
  • Social Work Practice in the Field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Global Education
  • Social Work Approaches to Conflict Resolution
  • Family Violence: Social Work Perspectives and Interventions
  • Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Assessment and Treatment
  • Juvenile Justice and Correctional Practice in Social Work
  • Social Work Practice and the Law
  • Affirmative Practice with LGBTQ Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Social Work Licensure Exam: Strategies and Skills
  • Exploring Community Food Security Strategies
  • Macro-Practice in Community Youth Development
  • Social Work Practice with Digital Technologies