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Student-Alumni Mentorship Experience (SAME)

The College of Social Work’s STUDENT-Alumni Mentoring Program

The College of Social Work’s Student-Alumni Mentorship Experience (SAME) provides current CSW students of all levels (Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D.) with the unique opportunity to connect with CSW Alumni who share similar academic/professional interests and geographic locations to build their professional network. The meaningful relationships created in this program will help prepare students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on the OSU and social work communities.


Participant Testimonials

Picture of mentor participant Joe Borgo

Joe Borgo (MSW ’72), Alumnus and Mentor

“I had the privilege to be paired with an impressive young woman who was an absolute delight to interact with and to explore issues of practice, professional development, and social work values that were of mutual interest… I also appreciated the opportunity to meet and converse with other mentors and to share our experience of the program and our mentees with one another.” – Joe Borgo (MSW ’72), Alumnus and 2020-2021 SAME Mentor


Picture of mentee participant Tipoko Kabore

Tipoko Kabore, Student and Mentee

“I am extremely grateful to the College of Social Work for initiating the mentorship program. I am also thankful to my mentor for her guidance. My mentor is a trustworthy supporter and a great advocate. The best part of the mentorship program was developing my social work leadership skills, building my confidence in decision making, and creating a strong professional and academic network. I have learned to apply some practical tools to succeed as a student and prepare myself for a successful professional life. I would recommend the SAME mentorship program to any social work student.” – Tipoko Kabore, student and 2020-2021 SAME Mentee


Benefits of becoming a SAME Alumni Mentor

As a SAME Mentor, you will give back to the OSU and social work communities in a meaningful way by shaping the next generation of social workers. Mentors will form a professional relationship with current social work students by sharing their experiences and insights and offering guidance to their mentees throughout the program.

Additionally, you can earn a certificate of completion from the College of Social Work to add to your own professional portfolio.

Benefits of becoming a SAME Student Mentee

As a SAME Mentee, you have the invaluable opportunity to build a professional relationship with an OSU College of Social Work alumnus and learn from their professional experiences and insights. The program aims to help you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a social worker today by developing a professional relationship with a current social worker.

Additionally, you can earn a certificate of completion from the College of Social Work to add to your own professional portfolio and count time spent with your mentors as field hours.

How Do I Participate in SAME?

  1. Complete and submit the SAME Application during the autumn semester.

2. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be matched to a mentor or mentee. You will receive your match’s contact information via email.

3. Mentees must contact their mentors to begin the mentorship relationship.

4. The SAME team will distribute brief, participation surveys quarterly. The surveys track participation, obtain feedback, and address concerns.

5. Upon successful completion of the quarterly surveys and an evaluation from your mentee or mentor, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that you can include in your professional portfolio.

6. At the end of the academic year, we will hold a celebration and networking event to celebrate all SAME participants.

Please Note: The applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will be available summer 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are mentors and mentees paired?

The SAME team matches mentees and mentors by hand through careful consideration of the information provided on your application. Based on what you rank as the top characteristic you’d like your mentee/mentor to have such as similar geographic location, academic or professional interests, or personal identity our team will try to match you to someone with similar characteristics.

  • How long does the mentorship last?

The mentorship officially lasts through the 2022-2023 academic year. The program officially ends in mid-to-late April, at the conclusion of the academic year. However, we encourage mentees and mentors to stay in contact after the conclusion of the program in April to build your professional relationship and networks.

  • What is the time commitment?

We encourage participants to meet at least twice a month either in-person, via phone, or through Zoom to get the full benefits of a mentoring relationship. However, there is no required time commitment for participants.

  • What if I live outside the state of Ohio?

We recognize that geographic location can impact social work practice. Anyone can participate in the program if they are current CSW students or alumni. The SAME matching team tries our hardest to match mentees and mentors with similar geographic locations, even online students and alumni who are outside the state of Ohio, which is why we ask for your address on the application. If we cannot match you with someone within your geographic location, we will try to match you with someone who has similar academic or career interests.

  • How do I get the certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion of the program in April by responding to quarterly checkpoint surveys and meeting with your mentor/mentee monthly, the SAME team will email you a personalized certificate of completion to add to your professional portfolio.

  • How do mentees get field hours?

Mentees’ time spent with their mentor is approved to collect a maximum of two hours for field each month with the approval of their field instructor and field agency where the mentee is placed.


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