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Student Life Resources

Food Security

  • The Buckeye Food Alliance will remain open to support students in need.
  • Starting Monday, March 23 the pantry will be open Monday/Thursday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Tuesday/Wednesday 4 – 8 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. If these times do not work for someone, they can schedule a special appointment by contacting Nick Fowler at
  • Units are welcome to coordinate food drives. We encourage units to donate the goods to the Buckeye Food Alliance because of their structure for distribution. Please contact Nick Fowler at to coordinate and schedule a time in advance to drop donated goods to the Lincoln Tower location.
  • If you are interested in giving monetary donations, you can visit the Give To website.

Emergency/Hardship Funding

  • The Student Advocacy Center offers an Emergency Grant program and has other support funds they can use to help students in need. Units can refer students in need to the Student Advocacy Center at or 614/292-1111.
  • If a unit would like to raise funds for this effort, the Student Advocacy Center team is in the process of creating a Buckeye Funder account. More information to come.

General Support for Students

  • We know that students may be stretched for time and resources while helping their families. It is helpful for course instructors to keep this in mind and be flexible as everyone becomes more familiar with the virtual learning process.
  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer has created a series of support tools for instructors, staff and students. Counseling and Consultation Service also has suggestions available.
  • For a list of resources, visit the We Are Here For You page on the Student Life website.
  • For FAQs, visit the Student Life website.


  • For information about the move-out process or the housing exception process, visit
  • It is important to note that the housing exception process takes a variety of considerations into account including inability to travel to a home address, housing insecurity, unsafe environments, financial instability and more.


  • In response to Governor DeWine’s announcement about the closure of restaurants, Student Life’s Dining Services has transitioned fully to pick-up and delivery options. The closure of many buildings on campus has also reduced available sites where food can be available. For current offerings, visit the Dining Services website.
  • We are working on a longer-term plan to support the students who will remain with us on campus after this extended Spring Break week.

Office Hours and Service Delivery

  • You can find information about the outbreak on the university’s medical website.
  • For specific information for faculty, staff and students, including building closures, visit the university’s faculty, staff and students website.
  • Ohio State has been very clear that we need to keep as many people off-campus as possible. Student Life operations have moved to virtual support. All offices are available via phone and email as usual and will determine in-person needs on a case-by-case basis. The following are the exceptions:
  • Limited dining operations
  • Housing support
  • BuckID will have a by-appointment only operation available soon, for more information visit the BuckID website.


  • Student Life is using tools that are available in the Office365 suite.
  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer has created a series of support tools for instructors, staff and students.


  • For information about how CCS will support students during this time, visit the CCS website.
  • Students do not pay a counseling fee.
  • CCS has created a video series to help students in processing anxiety created by COVID-19. For more information about this and other support, visit the CCS website.

Student Health Services

  • While we still have students living on campus, Student Health Services will remain open.
  • SHS will follow the guidelines and practices that other healthcare providers are implementing, including the cancellation of all elective/non-urgent appointments. For more information, visit the SHS website.

Legal Services and Off-Campus Issues

  • Students who did not waive the Student Legal Services fee and need legal assistance can contact Student Legal Services. To learn more, visit their website.
  • Students who have issues with a landlord can contact Student Legal Services or Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services.

Off Campus and Commuter Student Services

  • Support from Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services can be accessed by contacting 614/292-0100 or To learn more, visit their website.


  • For information about Disability Services support as the university continues in a virtual platform, visit the SLDS website.

Commencement and Events

  • On March 17, the university announced that commencement would be postponed.
  • In Student Life, we are expecting to not have any events through at least May 9, which is within the eight-week timeline announced.
  • Student Life is encouraging units to review ideas for continued virtual programming.


  • On March 16, CampusParc made an announcement about their response and changes to parking on campus.


  • On March 15, that the university announced it will be providing an appropriate prorated refund of housing and dining to students who are departing from the residence halls by Sunday, March 22.