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The Social Change Podcast

The Social Change Podcast EP. 7 – Assistant Dean Lisa Durham: Online Advanced Certificate in Serving Veterans and Their Families

We’re back and we have an exciting episode for you! Joining us is Lisa Durham, Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement, who breaks down the community importance and benefits of the college’s online Advanced Certificate in Serving Veterans and Their Families!

The deadline to apply for the certificate is Monday, March 19 and you can apply here!

The Social Change Podcast EP. 6 – Dean Tom Gregoire & CDO Dr. Carla Curtis: Black History Month

In this episode of the Social Change Podcast, our very own Dean Tom Gregoire and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Carla Curtis discuss the importance of Black History Month, what it means to them personally, the challenges facing true equality, and more!

We hope you enjoy it!

The Social Change Podcast EP. 5 – Dean Tom Gregoire: The Importance of Self-Care

Another semester is in the books and that rush of relief always feels wonderful after grueling exams, final assignments, meetings, and more!

In this episode, Dean Tom Gregoire sits down to reflect on the past year, the importance of self-care, exciting news for 2018, and more!

Enjoy this thoughtful conversation filled with tips from Tom and congratulations to all. Here’s to new beginnings and happy holidays!

The Social Change Podcast EP. 4 – Leadership Certificate Program

Why should you apply for our Leadership Certificate Program?

“It will teach you how to budget, how to assess the culture within your organization, and how to change that culture,” says Assistant Dean Lisa Durham in an #SCPodcast.

Durham also discusses why the program is a must for social workers and anyone within the human services profession interested in advancement and leadership.

Sign up today to be a leader tomorrow before the Nov. 30 deadline!

The Social Change Podcast EP. 3 – Dean Tom Gregoire: The Value of Not Knowing

In our third episode of the Social Change Podcast, Dean Tom Gregoire welcomes back students and provides some powerful advice to help start the new academic year off right.

“Value not knowing. If we have another problem in our society today, it’s that too many people are too certain. And frankly, my greatest capacity to be harmful to other people is when I’m absolutely certain. Not knowing is powerful.”

The Social Change Podcast EP. 2 – PRIDE

The Social Change Podcast is back! In episode two, we speak with Dean Tom Gregoire about the upcoming PRIDE celebration in Columbus, what it means to him, the college, the community, and more!


The Social Change Podcast: EP. 1

Welcome to the world premiere of the SOCIAL CHANGE Podcast!

At the College of Social Work, our faculty, staff and students work to embrace difference, seek justice and be the change.

We are excited to launch our first season of the SOCIAL CHANGE Podcast, and we hope you will enjoy listening to a host of engaging, diverse guests.

IN THIS EPISODE: The college’s Dean Tom Gregoire delivers a congratulatory message to the Class of 2017 and the community.