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Master’s of Social WorkField Education

Field education is one of the most vital components of your social work education.

Based on your goals and desired learning experiences, our Field Education team will match you with one of the more than 1,200 agencies that we partner with in Ohio and across the United States.

Master of Social Work students are required to complete a total of 900 hours toward the practicum experience. MSW I students complete 4 hours in SWK 6188 and 224 hours in their field placement. MSW II and ASAP students complete 672 hours in their advanced field placement. The first-year placement is focused on generalist skills and building a foundation for the social work profession. In the advanced placement, students continue to develop competency and knowledge in an area of practice aligning with their chosen specialization.


Example of field experience hours

MSW I SWK 6189 Field Practicum

  • 224 hours total required
  • 2 credit hours (during one semester)
  • 16-20 Hours per week

MSW II SWK 7189 Field Practicum

  • 672 hours total required
  • 8 credit hours total (over two to three semesters)
  • 224 hours per semester
  • 16-20 hours per week

MSW Student International Field Practicum FAQ

We will work with you to determine if an international placement is possible. Any current or prospective students interested in completing a field practicum abroad while enrolled in Master of Social Work Program should be aware of the processes when seeking a practicum site abroad. Please keep the following challenges in mind:

  • Visa requirements for volunteering/working abroad
  • Language proficiency
  • Associated travel & living costs
  • Availability of social work supervision *virtual supervision can be provided on a case-by-case basis
  • Potential safety concerns based on the country or region you are or will be in
  • Transportation needs
  • Internet/Wi-Fi availability and reliability
  • Time zone
  • Ability of agency to provide learning experiences that meet the Council on Social Work Education Educational Practice Accreditation Standards

Please be aware that any international field practicum agency is vetted by both the Office of Field Education and the Office of International Affairs. Agencies must be able to enter into a legal affiliation agreement with the university. The Office of International Affairs utilizes State Department travel advisories when determining if a location can be approved for a field practicum site.

If you are considering completing the MSW program while living abroad, communication with The Office of Field Education is critical to securing a placement abroad. Please consider identifying alternative plans should a placement not be available in the country/region where you will be living. We strongly recommend researching potential agency sites before matriculating into the MSW program. You must also reach out to the Office of Field Education at before you begin or early in the application process to discuss your specific plan. We will work collaboratively with you on the placement process, but please note that students must be proactive in identifying potential agency partners.

For International Students

Before matriculating to the MSW program, please reach out to Anna Stewart at to schedule a meeting with a member of the field practicum team to discuss your specific plans.