LiFE Sports Initiative to Receive Three-Year Award from United Way of Central Ohio

Congratulations to the LiFE Sports Initiative, which has been notified that it will be awarded $50,000 per year for the next three years from United Way of Central Ohio. LiFE Sports is a collaboration between Ohio State’s College of Social Work, Department of Athletics, and Department of Recreational Sports.

The free LiFE Sports Camp serves 600 Columbus, Ohio, youth ages 9-15 for four weeks each summer, focusing on teaching participants vital life skills and social competence through sports. The program is built upon a community outreach program operating at OSU for the past 40 years, the National Youth Sport Program. Young people receive free breakfast and lunch as well as free transportation to and from the program.

During the culminating LiFE Sports Olympics, young people develop a team name, team banner, advertisements, posters, family invitations, and radio announcements for the Olympics. In addition, the youth work together to assign roles to their team during the Olympics. Youth also serve as referees, athletes, trainers and coaches. In 2011, 74 percent of the participants reported that they are interested in going to college because of LiFE Sports.

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