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Liability Insurance

All College of Social Work students who are registered for field practicums have liability insurance coverage. Student fees for liability insurance are included in the field fees on the student accounts.

Click here for a copy of the Liability Insurance Memorandum

Social Work Trainee License

Only students enrolled in the graduate program are required to have a social work trainee license. The links below will provide you additional information about the license.

SWT Information

Preparing for Your Placement Interview
Field Calendar

Click the link below to see important dates for your field practicum:

2017-2018 Field Calendar [PDF] - also includes dates for Spring 2018 BSSW Block Placements

Field Education Hours Policy

Select the link below to see the Field Hours Policy:

 Field Hours Policy [PDF]

Placement Options

Click below for more options about placement options and eligibility.

Employment-based Placement [PDF]
Single Placement Option [PDF]
Block Placement Option (BSSW Students) [PDF]

Title IV-E Child Welfare Training

Click here to read more about the program.

Information Sheet [PDF]
UPP Brochure [PDF]
Application Form [PDF]
Reference Form [PDF]

Additional Resources

Food Access Resource Guide [PDF]
Self-care and Resources Guide [PDF]
Stress Busters Video
Hands on Central Ohio