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Field Education

Preparing For Field Placement



Field placements are completed during two to three workdays during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM). To complete field education, employed students must arrange their work schedules to accommodate weekday time in field placement. Additional field education hours may be approved for weekends and after business hours, with appropriate supervision available by the agency.  Please review the Field Placement Hours Policy below.



By following the steps listed below, you begin the process of securing your field placement for the upcoming academic year:



An email notification from the Field Education Office will be sent to you to begin your placement process.  You will be given access to the Field database and a due date to complete your Field Placement Application.  This will occur at different times of the year, depending on your rank (BSSW, MSWI, MSWII, or ASAP) and admission status. In general, you can expect to receive communication at least one semester prior to the beginning of your placement.  Timely submission of your Field Placement Application is required.  Please note, students completing their placement outside of Ohio should review the following information regarding their placement process found here.

The Field Placement Application is designed to assist the field staff in matching students with appropriate field sites and requests specific information on the student’s employment/volunteer experience, previous field placement experiences, learning experiences requested and special needs or requests.  Please refer to the guidelines here to assist you in completing your application.



For undergraduate (BSSW) and first year Masters Students (MSWI), the office of Field Education will review the Field Placement Application to match students with field placement agencies.  Second years Masters (MSW II) and Advanced Standing (ASAP) students may list up to three preferred agencies on their application.  Please note these are preferences only and specific field placements cannot be guaranteed.  With the exception of Out-of-State Students, Students must not initiate contact with agencies to seek placements without the approval of the director or field placement coordinator.  For further information on this policy, please review the Field Code of Conduct.



Once matched, students will receive notification instruction them to contact an agency to schedule a pre-placement interview immediately.  Once a student receives this notification, students are committed to completing an interview with the agency.  Some agencies are agreeable to phone or virtual interviews for students who are unable to interview in person due to geographical distance.  Students should consider this a professional interview.  Please see resources below:



No placement is considered final until both the student & the agency have interviewed and accepted each other.  If an agency does not offer you a placement, request feedback and follow up with your field placement coordinator.  If the agency offers you a placement, you will make a decision regarding acceptance.  If you decline, please contact your placement coordinator to identify another potential agency.  If you accept, please notify the agency and send the following information to

  • Your name
  • Your agency
  • Your field instructor’s name, degree and license/credentials, address, e-mail and phone number
  • If your agency is providing you with a stipend, please indicate the amount



  • Prior to starting your Field Placement, you will be assigned a Field Liaison. They will be in contact with you one to two weeks before the semester begins.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Field Placement Calendar. Confirm your schedule with your field instructor prior to the first day of field.  Please note you cannot begin your field placement until the first day of the semester you are enrolled in field due to liability insurance coverage.
  • Complete all field placement pre-requisites as indicated by the agency (health screening, drug screening, criminal background check, etc.).
  • Graduate students in Ohio without an LSW are strongly encouraged to have a social work trainee license (SWT). Some agency placements will require a SWT. Documentation of your course schedule will be necessary to obtain your SWT.The links below will provide you with additional information about the license:


If you have questions regarding your individual placement process, please contact your assigned placement coordinator.  If you do not have a placement coordinator, please contact