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The Field Database is used by students, field education staff, and field agency personnel and provides access to all approved field placement agencies and student field forms. Students are able to review each agency’s profile to better learn about the unique opportunities available at the various agencies.

All persons accessing the database must use their unique username and password. If you’ve lost or forgotten your database credentials, please email Please note, in order to access the Field Database, you will leave the College of Social Work website.


These forms are important for students to become familiar with. Some of these will be assigned to the “forms” portion of your account in the field database. Please see below:

  • Field Code of Conduct 
  • Field Practicum Questionnaire – Students need to complete this form, as it will assist the Field Education staff in facilitating a placement. It should be completed in its entirety and by the deadline
  • Learning Agreement/Evaluation – Once you and your field instructor complete this form, it will guide your field experience. It is a living document and is meant to be referred to often and “tweaked” along the way. You must complete all assigned required activities and add activities specific to the placement agency. This document serves two purposes:
    • As a learning agreement, which should be thought of as the blueprint of what you’ll be doing in field. You will determine, along with your field instructor, the learning activities that you will add to the required ones that are already listed and write in the target dates for each of them. The sample learning activities provided can help provide you generate ideas for additional activities appropriate to your agency.
    • As an evaluation of your performance by the field instructor at the end of each semester you are in field. Your field instructor will complete this by adding a rating for each learning activity in the “evaluation of practice behavior” column and for each competency overall in the bottom right corner.
    • Ethical Decision Making Model- Competency Two of the Learning Agreement/Evaluation requires students to use the Reamer Model or a model used at their agency.
  • Problem-Solving Phases in Field Education
  • Supervision Log –Students complete this form each week and it is signed by the student and field instructor at the end of the semester. Students should have one hour of weekly supervision with the field instructor. You must check off the competencies discussed with your supervisor and then provide a narrative summarizing the conversation. You must discuss all competencies each semester in field.
  • Time Sheet –This form is to be completed by the student and signed by the field instructor; accuracy is extremely important when filling this out. Put down the time you were in the field and try to fill it out each day to avoid any inaccuracies or guess work.



The following videos give step-by-step instructions for using the Field Database and working with various forms. View at full-screen size for best picture quality.


Field Video Getting Started
Field Video Getting Started
Field Video Time Sheet
Field Video Learning Agreement


Field Video Getting Started FOR INSTRUCTORS
Field Video Learning Agreement FOR INSTRUCTORS
Field Video Time Sheet

Access the Field Database:

Use Organization ID: osusw

Students, Field Instructors and Education Coordinators login here.