Field Education

Field Calendar


The Field Calendar is available to students, field instructors, and agency representatives to find information about important dates such as the beginning of fieldwork, last date of fieldwork, the due dates for field forms, and University holidays. We encourage all field instructors and field practicum students to download a copy of this calendar:

2017-2018 Field Calendar [PDF] – also includes dates for Spring 2018 BSSW Block Placements

See Important Dates Below:


May 10 (W) First day of classes & field practicum for summer-eligible students
May 29 (M) Memorial Day (University Holiday)
June 9 (F) DEADLINE: Learning Agreements
July 4 (T) Independence Day (University Holiday)
July 28 (F) Last day of summer semester field practicum & classes
July 28 (F) DEADLINE: Field Evaluation, Timesheet, Supervision Logs
August 6 (Su) Summer Semester Commencement


August 22 (T) First day of classes & field practicum (BSSW, MSWII, ASAP)
September 4 (M) Labor Day (University Holiday)
September 22 (F) DEADLINE: Learning Agreements (BSSW, MSWII, ASAP)
October 12-13 (Th-F) Autumn Break
November 10 (F) Veterans’ Day Observed (University Holiday)
November 22 (W) Thanksgiving Break begins (no classes)
November 23 (Th) Thanksgiving Day (University Holiday)
November 24 (F) Columbus Day Observed (University Holiday)
December 6 (W) Last day of autumn semester field practicum & classes
December 6 (W) DEADLINE: Field Evaluation, Timesheet, Supervision Logs
December 15 – January 7 Winter Break
December 17 (Su) Autumn Semester Commencement