Degrees & Programs

Newman, Tarkington

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
Youth and adolescent development
High-risk urban youth of color
Youth development through sport
Life skill development
Youth sport leader practices
Experiential learning/education


Tarkington J. Newman (MSW, University of Michigan; MS, The Ohio State University) is a fifth year doctoral student in the College of Social Work. He is currently serving as a Graduate Research Associate for Dr. Anderson-Butcher in The LiFEsports Initiative. Prior to his work as a Graduate Associate, he was awarded a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship through The Ohio State University. Tarkington’s research interests lie within youth development through sport amongst high-risk urban youth of color. Specifically, his research focuses on the role of the youth sport leader and their ability to facilitate and transfer life skill development. Tarkington has co-authored several publications in peer-refereed journals such as: Research on Social Work Practice, Psychology of Sport & Exercise, and Journal of Experiential Education. Additionally, he has co-developed the experiential learning-based, Coaching on the Wave model, which has been published in several peer-refereed journals and presented at conferences such as Experiential Education Annual International Conference and International Adventure Therapy Conference. Tarkington has also independently taught a variety of undergraduate courses in both social work and sport science departments such as: Prevention and Youth Development though Sport, Recreation and Play; Contemporary Issues in Sport; and Coaching the Young Athlete. In addition to his academic work, he was trained as a school social worker, where he specialized in adventure therapy and crisis intervention. He has also spent the last decade coaching track & field at the middle school, high school, and collegiate-club levels.