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Degrees & Programs

Lancelotta, Rafael

PhD Student 2021 Cohort
Pronouns: they/them/elle

Areas of Interest
Person-centered and socially contextualized approaches to mental health
Somatic-focused interventions
Nervous system regulation
Psychedelic-assisted therapy
Equitable access
Translation of clinical research into community practice


Rafael Lancelotta, MS, LPC is a PhD student at The Ohio State University College of Social Work studying the importance of human relationship in therapeutic interventions. They have worked as a somatic-focused, trauma-informed therapist who has supported clients use of cannabis and ketamine to enhance the therapeutic process. They are passionate about increasing accessibility and responsible clinical applications of psychedelics/entheogens for under-represented populations. They received their Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Wyoming. Rafael aims to use their clinical skills combined with doctoral level research training to design, carry out, and integrate clinical research as part of diverse teams to create changes in the mental healthcare system that can serve to improve mental health outcomes for people from all walks of life.