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Doctoral Day of Recognition - 2017-18 Candidates - Guijin Lee, Lisa Juckett, Bridget Bailey

Doctoral Day of Recognition – 2017-18 Candidates – Guijin Lee, Lisa Juckett, and Bridget Bailey

The mission of the doctoral program in Social Work is to nurture the next generation of social work researchers and educators within the translational research framework with the ultimate goal of positively impacting the lives of individuals, families, communities, and society. 

  • Theory-driven intervention and implementation research
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand the individual, family and community contexts of social problems
  • Mixed methods research to understand the agency and program contexts where interventions are implemented
  • Pedagogical skills to be effective social work educators
  • Grant writing skills for research funding
  • Publishing and presenting


Doctoral faculty are studying:

  • Strengths-based integrative family and systems treatment for at-risk children and adolescents
  • Substance abuse prevention, service access, and mutual-aid based interventions
  • School mental health, school social work, school-family-community partnerships
  • Implementation research in child welfare and evidence-based practices
  • Mental health disparities and inequities among diverse populations
  • Intimate partner violence among women and college students
  • Older adults and community-based long term care services
  • Community food security and community-based research
  • Integrated primary care and behavioral health services
  • Children of immigrant families and social adjustment
  • Culturally competent policy, practice, and research
  • Poverty and anti-poverty policies and programs
  • Social determinants of health and health equity
  • Positive youth development and youth sport
  • Afterschool programming for diverse youth
  • Child maltreatment and child well-being
  • Integrative body-mind spirit practices
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Policy research and advocacy
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Educational disparities
  • Human trafficking
  • Latino gangs


Research Centers – The College of Social Work is home to the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) and the Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI).


Please contact our PhD office for more information about our innovative doctoral programming.

Dr. Mo Yee Lee, PhD Program Director 614-292-9910

Jennifer Nakayama, PhD Program Office 614-292-6188