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College Hosts 22nd National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work

The College of Social Work hosted its 22nd National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work on Saturday, May 1, in Stillman Hall. Dr. Paula Nurius (pictured), professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work, delivered the keynote address on “Stress and Adversity: Linking Context, Meaning, and Cumulative Experience with Adverse Outcomes.” During morning and afternoon sessions, fourteen recent PhD recipients from around the country presented their research on topics ranging from homelessness, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, HIV/AIDS, child maltreatment, and organizational culture.
In conjunction with the symposium, the Doctoral Student Organization and the College of Social Work hosted the first Student Poster Presentation. Students from all degree levels in the college were invited to submit abstracts for presentation and competition, and symposium presenters were invited to serve as judges for the posters.
The keynote address, symposium presentation papers, and student posters are permanently available via The Ohio State University Libraries’ Knowledge Bank in the community, labeled “National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work” at
The symposium was a combined effort on the part of the College of Social Work doctoral students, faculty, and PhD program staff. Doctoral students volunteered to staff the symposium, including moderating presentation sessions, managing the registration desk, providing transportation for presenters, photography, set-up, and clean-up. College of Social Work faculty served as session respondents, summarizing, commenting on, and discussing the dissertation work presented in the sessions.
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