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Schweitzer Fellow & Social Work PhD student James Carter Gets HPV Conversation Started 


What is HPV and who is most impacted by it? Schweitzer Fellow & Social Work PhD student James Carter gets the HPV conversation started in Central Ohio's LGBT community. Carter was recently featured for creating awareness about HPV and its potential role in later in life conditions. One of his goals is to empower people with not only information but services that protect them.

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You won’t hear any English in Dr. René Olate’s May-mester class, Cross-National Community Development (Desarrollo Comunitario Transnacional). It’s taught in all Spanish and is the College of Social Work’s first non-English class.  The class is also unique because 20 students from the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de Nicaragua (UNAN-León) attend via videoconference. They are joined by 12 Ohio State students in 145 Hagerty Hall.

The class gives Ohio State students an opportunity to interact with Nicaraguan students who have similar interests. Although the lecture is in Spanish, the papers and assignments are in English.

"In this class students and faculty from the Global North and South interact live and learn from each other and their communities," says Olate. " In addition, it’s a great opportunity for our students who want to practice and improve their Spanish."

For more information about the class, contact Dr. Olate at



Congratulations to Robert M. Bennett, LISW, who has been selected as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow.  Albert Schweitzer’s message of service guides the Fellowship, and this year’s Fellow’s group consists of student professionals from across the university and Central Ohio.  The Fellows are dedicating the next year to influencing the social factors that impact health through programs they developed.

Bennett will provide leadership to a community garden in Olde Towne East, a neighborhood on the near eastside of Columbus, Ohio.  He is planning to meet immediate human need while providing educational programs.  Bennett will donate the produce from the community garden to local residents and social service organizations.  He received a $1,900 grant from The Franklin Park Conservatory, The Columbus Foundation, and Scotts Miracle Grow Company to support gardening activities.

Bennett's scholarly research is at the intersection of poverty in the United States, community organizing, and social work pedagogy.  While acquiring specialized knowledge in each area, he is especially interested in how social workers can be trained to effectively intervene to change poverty in the United States.  Currently, there are over 44 million people living in poverty in the United States (US Census, 2013).

Bennett will join some 220 other 2013-14 Schweitzer Fellows at 13 program sites throughout the U.S. and one in Lambaréné, Gabon at the site of The Albert Schweitzer Hospital.  This year is the 100th anniversary year of the building of The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital continues to serve people in need, and it is a living monument to Dr. Schweitzer’s commitment to service and peace and his philosophy of Reverence for Life.

When Bennett completes his year of service, he will become a Schweitzer Fellow for Life and join the more than 2,700 Schweitzer alumni meeting the needs of vulnerable and underserved people.

The Columbus-Athens Schweitzer Fellows Program was launched in 2011.  It is hosted and sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Medicine. More information is available at

The College of Social Work celebrated its 2013 Evening of Recognition on Friday, May 3, at Mershon Auditorium where nearly 400 graduates were honored. More specifically, 134 undergraduates, 251 MSWs, and 3 PhD students completed their degrees this spring. Along with the specially recognized graduates, faculty, and staff, approximately 2,000 family members and well-wishing friends were in attendance.

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On Saturday, April 13, the College of Social Work will be co-sponsoring the film screening, A Place at the Table, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., in the US Bank Theatre at the Ohio Union. Nominated for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, A Place at the Table discusses a variety of intersecting aspects of hunger in America, including households forced to make difficult decisions about either paying for food or medical care.  In Franklin County alone, it is estimated that 17.3 percent of its residents are food insecure, including more than 59,000 children. A discussion led by food-related community experts will follow. This screening is free and open to the public including all OSU and social work alumni, students, faculty, and friends. Other co-sponsors include The Ohio State Eminence Fellows, Office of University Outreach & Engagement, and the Hunger.FOOD.Health Food Security Initiative.



Nearly 9,000 students have enrolled in Dr. Joe Guada’s Human Development course on iTunes University!


Dr. Guada is the first faculty member at the college to publish on iTunes University, but his course will soon be followed by others just as eager to make their courses more available to the general population and to support existing classroom instruction. Currently, there is little social work content on iTunes University and the college plans to establish its reputation as a national leader in this area.  


As an emerging leader in social work publishing on iTunes University, Apple just recently featured Dr. Guada’s course—which contributed to the spike in subscriber numbers!


Thanks for being the first to put the college on the ITunes University map, Dr. Guada! 




Recently, Dr. Amber Moodie-Dyer was interviewed by Ohio State’s Research Communications Department about her research on Child Care Subsidies and low income parents.

Check it out here.

If you’re an Honors student at the College of Social Work, you may have more than just books in your backpack these days. This semester, junior honors students received iPads as part of a pilot project funded by a technology seed grant. The goals of the program are to provide students with the necessary skills to integrate technology into research and professional practice.

“Think about how technology has already changed how we learn, how we teach, and how we practice social work, and then think about what could be possible in the next five years,” says Jennie Babcock, Undergraduate Studies Director at the college. “We want to teach students to apply technology in innovative ways that will lead to visionary research, practice, and leadership in social work.”

The Honors Program in the College of Social Work is designed to meet the needs of social work students with outstanding academic ability and to promote scholarly development throughout their college careers. The Social Work Honors Program consists of enrollment in three honors research courses and engagement in 1:1 work with a faculty member to develop an individual research project. Successful completion of the undergraduate thesis earns students the designation of graduation "With Honors Research Distinction in Social Work.”

This new initiative involving honors students goes hand-in-hand with the college’s overall learning technology project, part of the university’s Digital First plan. In February 2012, iPads and collaborative training sessions through Digital First were provided to faculty and staff college-wide, with a goal of enhancing teaching, research, productivity, and practice. Cultural and pedagogical changes were immediately present during its early stages.

From online course development to interdepartmental community growth and work in the field, faculty and staff are heavily invested into repurposing the iPads from an entertainment novelty into an effective, innovative resource to benefit their students. This social work project is part of the larger university plan to embrace technology as part of the learning experience.

Check out their video!


Congratulations to Dr. Joe Guada, who has published the college’s first course on iTunes University! In less than a week, nearly 40 persons have already enrolled in Dr. Guada’s iTunes University course. 

iTunes University courses make important knowledge available to the general population and can also be used to support existing classroom instruction.  Currently, there is little social work content on iTunes University and the college plans to establish its reputation as a national leader in this area. 

Keep checking Apple’s education website–as an emerging leader in social work publishing on iTunes University, the college anticipates that Apple will do a special feature on Dr. Guada’s course soon! And stay tuned as more faculty and their courses follow on iTunes University!
Thanks for being the first to put the college on the ITunes University map, Dr. Guada!