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Our Commitment to Diversity

College of Social Work student attending a protest in Columbus, OH

The College of Social Work unequivocally supports Black Lives Matter.

“As a college, we will even further focus our teaching, research and community advocacy to advance principles of anti‑racism.”

We support continued peaceful protests. We support reform in how we police our communities, and accountability when police break the law. And we recognize that racism and oppression are further reflected in unequal access to education, housing, health care and employment.

We invite you to recognize this fundamental truth: Inaction, yours and ours, supports a societal status quo that perpetuates racism and inequality. And we invite you to replace fear and confusion with compassion and curiosity and learn more with us. As a college, we will even further focus our teaching, research and community advocacy to advance principles of anti-racism. Social work exists as a profession because living in our society is harmful to many. That should break your heart. And fill you with resolve for what could be.

MICHELLE JOHNSON-MOTOYAMA, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Lisa Durham, Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement
Bridget Freisthler, Associate Dean of Research
Njeri Kagotho, Chief Diversity Officer
Eric Bode, Chief Administrative Officer
Elaine Siegfried, Associate Director, HR Business Partner

Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture

The Ohio State University has a very diverse student body. One thing that can be common across all groups is some of the members of the Ohio State family having psychological trauma which usually is not visible and may impact the academic performance and overall wellbeing of students, staff and faculty. Some people who have experienced trauma may seek trauma-specific mental health services to help them deal with it. However, many people with trauma histories may not seek such services. To benefit the largest number of people with trauma histories, it is important for organizations to create a culture that is trauma-informed.

Read more here about Trauma-Informed Practices

2020 #BLM Activation and Resource Guide

This resource guide was compiled by member of the College of Social Work community to help deepen learning and connect with action in support of the Movement for Black Lives. We welcome your contributions as well. Contact Advocacy Director Steve David ( if you have additional information or questions.

Action Steps

2020 BLM Activation Guide - Start Here!

Three step primer for those wanting to get involved or deepen connection to racial justice work.

Collected BLM Action Items

Aggregated resources for text, call and donation campaigns.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events hosted by the College of Social Work and partners.

Action Guides

Resources on COVID safety for in person actions and filming the police.

Educational Resources

Collected Educational Resources

Reading lists, resources and articles for discussion.

Collected Racial Trauma and Healing Resources

Resources from Columbus CARE Coalition on trauma and resilience, centering POC.

SURJ Defund the Police Resource Guide

Living in a world without police is possible and is on its way—movements and organizations have been dreaming of, planning for and working towards a world without police for generations.

Dream Defenders: Defund Police Rebuild Our Communities

Everyone deserves to be safe from violence in their homes, communities, schools, their trips to the store, on their daily runs, in their parks, on their blocks and everywhere else.

Additional Unsorted #BLM Resources

Additional Resource Collections

Emails and resources curated by other entities

Economic and Financial Resources

Collected Financial Support Resources

Links to Black-owned business, restaurants, and other ways to offer financial support to Black organizations.

Businesses Publicly Supporting #BLM

Unlinked list of businesses who have released statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Addressing racism and inequity: Respectful dialogue toolkit

To achieve a fairer, more equitable and just society, conversations about race, inequity and difference are critical. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, and University Libraries have created a respectful dialogue toolkit with strategies, webinars and events for engaging these meaningful conversations.

Statement on Transgender and Gender Equality

The Ohio State University College of Social Work is in solidarity with transgender and gender diverse children, adolescents, and adults. As social workers and scholars, we promote social justice for vulnerable populations through high-quality research and evidence-based practice. Read the full statement from the college.