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Music and Racial Justice: From Abolition to Black Lives Matter


On Wednesday, April 4, more than 350 people gathered for an evening of song, narration and images to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, marking the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The program was held at Columbus’ King Arts Complex, which partnered with the college on the event.

About the program: Throughout our history, social movements have relied on music as a way to share their stories and to unite their members. Music has shown the plight of the oppressed as well as the depth of their resistance.

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided a compelling opportunity to present the ways the battle for racial justice has been fought.

With musical help from the Sutton Entertainment Group, a Central Ohio live entertainment and event planning agency, the event showed how music inspired and informed movements for racial justice across five eras in American history. The common themes of white supremacy, oppression, sanctioned violence against African Americans and resistance impacted these five historical periods were also explored.

A special thanks to the Sutton Entertainment Group and the many talented musicians and artists who made this event possible.

Rodney Sutton
Roy N. Sutton
Rev. Frank Lane
Bonnie Lane
Judy Darby
Courtney Sutton
Alisha Brown
Drew Allan
Joseph Moorer
Tyshawn Colquitt
Chris Brown
Dwight Bailey
Reggie Jackson


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Guided by our vision to “Embrace Difference. Seek Justice. Be the Change.” we are charged to teach our students about diversity, oppression, marginalized populations and social justice.

In early 2016, the college appointed Dr. Carla M. Curtis as its Chief Diversity Officer in an effort to further demonstrate its commitment to diversity. Curtis is leading the college, with the aid of a Diversity Workgroup, in continuing to create a supportive climate that not only reflects a focus on diversity, but also enables the college to achieve the aspirations articulated in its Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan.

We recognize that our efforts are not a “one and done” approach but a commitment to consistent, ongoing engagement and action to create change. As a college, we proudly accept this as a significant part of our mission.

For more information about the college’s commitment to diversity, contact our Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Curtis at

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