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2019 CSW Community Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award will be presented annually by the College of Social Work to a deserving individual or organization demonstrating through their work and/or service a commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Central Ohio community. The honoree should be so immersed in changing the quality of life experiences of individuals, groups or community that visible social change is evident. Please note: current CSW students, faculty and staff are not eligible for this award.



  • Reside or work in the Central Ohio community
  • Exemplify the college’s core values of celebrating difference and promoting social and economic justice
  • Actively work with/or on behalf of diverse populations or communities to reduce marginalization among economically, politically or socially oppressed groups
  • Demonstrate prolonged commitment to creating and promoting social change
  • While an individual being considered need not be a social worker, he/she must demonstrate purposeful work directed toward social change
  • Demonstrate commitment to diversity that is evident to agency staff and/or volunteer base while also engaging/supporting a diverse clientele
  • If the recipient is a program or an agency, the thematic focus must be on the importance and benefits of diversity, equality and promoting a culture of inclusivity


The nomination period opens September of the current academic year and closes November 1 of each award year. In a one- or two-page letter of support submitted to the Diversity Workgroup Chair (Chief Diversity Officer) or a member of the Diversity Workgroup, nominees will be presented via a narrative statement of support based on the aforementioned qualifications. Nominations may be submitted by members of the CSW community to include alumna. Award recipients will be notified by the Chief Diversity Officer. Award presentation will be made via a visit from the dean and/or associate dean and representatives from the Diversity Workgroup.


Procedures/Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of five individuals. The review committee will be chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer of the College of Social Work (Chief Diversity Officer) and will include two members of the Diversity Committee, a representative from the Field Education Office and one student from either the BSSW, MSW or PhD programs.



Initial Award



For more information about this award, contact Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Carla M. Curtis at