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The curriculum at the College of Social Work:

Produces Graduates Committed to the Profession — Our students embrace the values of the profession, take pride in their identity as social workers, and work for the advancement of the social work profession.

Addresses Diversity in its Local Context — The curriculum reflects an understanding of the unique diversity of the Columbus and Central Ohio area. (e.g. Somalia and Appalachian populations).

Conducts Student Assessment that Confirms Mastery — Our approach to assessing students confirms that each individual has mastered the competencies defined for the class.

Produces Shovel Ready Graduates — Students leave prepared to practice, with excellent skills in all facets of their area of practice. We engage the practice community in an evolving definition of shovel ready.

Stays Connected with the Practice Community — A progressive and dynamic curriculum includes an awareness of trends in the community and is prepared to adapt to and influence those trends.

Is Hands-On & Immediately Relevant — A clear connection exists between the course work and practice in the community. Every course has hands-on opportunities and students leave every curriculum sequence with an understanding of its importance in their future practice.

Recognizes the Ubiquity of Addiction — Addiction disorders are often the defining characteristic of the intractable client in many practice settings. The curriculum prepares all students to understand and respond to addiction.

Creates Practitioners Prepared for Advocacy & Leadership — Our students leave with skills and a commitment to seek change at micro and macro levels.

Recognizes the Integration of Micro & Macro Practice — The effective practitioner has skills to practice with individuals and families, but also communities and organizations. Students have the opportunity to develop advanced skills in both areas.

Teaches Evidence Informed Practice — Students can think critically about interventions and their application to unique client populations.

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