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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Kaiser Awarded for “Follow the Tomato” class, Franklinton Gardens Honored

Dr. Michelle Kaiser and Nicholas Stanich

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Kaiser! She is the 2017 recipient of the Emerging Service-Learning Award for her “Follow the Tomato” course.

The “Follow the Tomato: Community-Based Food Strategies to Address Social and Environmental Injustices” course was also featured in the Association of Public & Land Grant Universities (APLU) Challenge of Change report on page 117. The report focuses on the effort to solve global food and nutrition security challenges.  For more background about the challenge and Ohio State’s involvement, click here.

Special thanks to Dr. Vicki Fitts who helped co-teach the course for two years.

Franklinton Gardens was also selected to receive OSU’s 2017 Excellence in Community Partnership Award. Special thanks to Kaiser and Nicholas Stanich, Director of Franklin Gardens, for their work there.

Last year, Kaiser was honored with The Ohio State University’s highest teaching award, the 2016 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. She was chosen out of more than 3,000 Ohio State faculty.

For more information about Kaiser and her work, visit:

Alumni Magazine Feature

Faculty Page

Eleven BSSW Students Showcase Research at OSU’s 2017 Denman

    • Pictured (front row, l to r): Erica Magier, Samantha Bork, Shannan Swaim, Bethany Hill, Courtney Kren. (Back row, l to r): Katie Simpson, Laine Kolesar, Andrew Rielinger, Cory Roth. Not pictured: Ellen Williams, Samantha Larason.

Congratulations to the following BSSW Students who showcased their research at Ohio State’s 2017 Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.  Special recognition goes to Ellen Williams who received first place in her category.

This year marks the highest number of BSSW students to participate in the Denman at Ohio State. The variety in their research ranged from social reaction to prisoners in the community and eating behaviors of college students, to grandmothers raising grandchildren and barriers to meditation.

The students were celebrated and recognized at an Honors Dinner on April 24.

Presenters and their research titles:

  • Samantha Bork: “Barriers to Meditation”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Bethany Hill: “The Effects of Deployment on Military Family Roles”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Laine Kolesar: “Breaking Down the Barriers to Academic Achievement: Middle School Students”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Courtney Kren: “Student Perceptions of Campus Safety and Physical/Sexual Assault at The Ohio State University”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Samantha Larason: “Social Reaction: Experiences of Former Prisoners and Perceptions of Community Members”; will graduate with Research Distinction
  • Erica Magier: “Eating Behaviors of First Year Students: Transitioning from High School to College”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Andy Rielinger: “Suffering in Silence: Examining Society’s Perception of Intimate Partner Violence”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
    Cory Roth: “Describing the Geographic Distribution of Patients Seen at the Columbus Free Clinic”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
    Katie Simpson: “Caregiver Resilience in Complex, Chronic Care”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Shannan Swaim: “Am I My Child’s Keeper? Grandmothers’ Relationships with Their Children While They Act as Primary Caregivers to their Grandchildren”; will graduate with Honors Research Distinction
  • Ellen Williams: “The Impact of Sport-Based Positive Youth Development Programs in Enhancing Social Competencies Among At-Risk Youth“; Category: Family Dynamics Within Complex Community and Educational Systems; graduates in 2018

For more information about the Denman, click here.

Research Brief: Evaluating Ohio START

The Ohio State University College of Social Work will partner with the Ohio Attorney General’s office to evaluate Sobriety, Treatment and Reducing Trauma (START) in 14 Ohio counties affected by the opioid crisis. The CSW will examine what elements are most successful in parents regaining sobriety, maintaining treatment, and reducing future recurrence of child abuse or neglect. Unique to this initiative is a particular focus on improving the well-being of the children affected by parental opioid use. Four CSW faculty members will evaluate Ohio START: Bridget Freisthler, Katie Maguire-Jack, Alicia Bunger, and Susan Yoon.

Click here to view a PDF with full details.

Research Brief: Leaders in Research in the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic

The College of Social Work is at the forefront in the fight against the opioid epidemic in Ohio with multiple research collaborations, grants, and community partnerships. The College of Social work is involved in a variety of studies to understand the impact of the opioid epidemic on individuals, families, and communities. Additionally, we are studying new, novel solutions to address opioid misuse and addiction. These studies include:

  • Opioid Overdoses and Medical Marijuana Availability
  • Changes in Rates of Child Abuse due to Opioid Overdoses
  • Identifying Neighborhood Conditions related to Opioid Overdoses
  • Evaluation Ohio START (Sobriety, Treatment, and Reducing Trauma)

Click here to view a PDF with full details.