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Monthly Archives: October 2016

During the month of November, the College of Social Work would like to thank those who inspire us.

As we enter into the special month of Thanksgiving, the College of Social Work wants to share some stories of gratefulness with you. On this special Day of Thanks, we are thankful for those who focus their efforts on advocacy and policy change throughout the communities in which we live and work. Helping to be someone’s voice is a powerful gift toward the greater good. You are creating the change we need to see in the world! To that, we say THANK YOU!

Please take a moment to read a little bit about alumna Dorothy Martindale and the National Association of Social Workers.


1.)   What is NASW and what mission does it serve?
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) supports and advocates for social workers. We inform policy on social justice issues and address workforce challenges (i.e., compensation, caseload standards, workplace safety). Plus, we provide our members with legal consultation, liability insurance, affordable training, and job search resources.

2.)   How has your education at the College of Social Work shaped your outlook on the work of NASW?
My social work mentors encouraged involvement in the student association. And with the support of faculty advisors, I researched student engagement, which actually informs much of my work today. In organizing around various causes, we experienced the strength that comes from social workers advocating together. That’s how we create change – joining together to amplify our collective voice.

3.)   What advocacy efforts are being led by NASW for the populations social workers serve and/or for the Social Work profession?
We’re advocating for increased salaries for social workers, organizing the profession to tackle institutional racism, and working to stop the dangerous practice of conversion therapy. To make systemic change, we need all hands on-deck. I encourage your readers to consider joining our efforts…

4.)   How can social work professionals become involved with NASW?
What a great segue! 1) Email to learn more about our work in affirmative therapy and anti-racist practice. 2) Join the Social Work Advocacy Group to stay up-to-date on policies impacting your clients. 3) Come to Annual Conference to build your expertise and re-connect with the profession. 4) Visit NASW Ohio to join our listserv, see what’s going on in your local region, and support social workers running for public office.

5.)   What are you most thankful for this holiday season?
I’m genuinely thankful to work for social workers. It’s incredibly fulfilling to support you! And in such a tumultuous year, I’m thankful to work with social workers – colleagues (and Buckeyes) whose commitment to reform unjust systems is both relentless and unapologetic.