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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Social Work Buckeyes Rock the 2014 Tailgate!

2014 tailgateBuckeyes of all ages kept the party going at this year’s College of Social Work tailgate! All decked out in their OSU garb, these students took a break from the dance floor to smile for the camera. Lots of food, friends, family and fun made it a day to remember!

Remembering Associate Professor Emeritus Charles O. Ross, Jr.: A Civil Rights Visionary

“Civil rights is not just a movement, it’s a way of life.”

Spoken by Harry Belafonte, these few words describe the life of Associate Professor Emeritus Charles O. Ross, Jr., the message he lived, and the legacy he left behind. Known for his unwavering battle for civil rights and his outspoken nature, Ross never shied away from activism and confronting those whom he believed were in opposition of advancing civil rights.

Charles O. Ross  head and shoulders jpg format photoIn 2013, Ross was posthumously inducted into the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame.  This distinguished honor acknowledges citizens who have left their mark in the State of Ohio through their tireless efforts in furthering civil and human rights in their communities. This Hall of Fame acknowledges the exemplary leadership through which these citizens have helped eliminate barriers to equal opportunity in Ohio, as well as fosters cultural awareness and understanding for a more just society. Ross championed the Civil Rights Movement in Ohio and other places for several decades.  He had an unswerving fervor for justice and equity.

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