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Launching the Next Generation of Social Work Scholars: National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work–April 20, 2012

The College of Social Work is pleased to host its 24th National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work on Friday, April 20, 2012, at The Ohio State University. This symposium highlights the outstanding contributions of dissertation

research to social work scholarship. Each year, the best dissertations are selected and the authors honored for their contributions to social work knowledge. For more information about the symposium, click here.

Share Your Research with Renowned Scholars!

The National Symposium on Doctoral Research in Social Work continues a longstanding tradition of attracting some of the most nationally recognized scholars and researchers in the country. As a participant, you will be able to meet and share your research with this year’s selected speaker.

Last year, Dr. Lorraine Gutierrez, of the University of Michigan, served as our keynote speaker. From 2006–10, the symposium featured prestigious social work experts such as Dr. Paula Nurius, Dr. Jeffrey Jenson, Dr. Sarah Gehlert, Dr. John Brekke, and Dr. Ruth McRoy—just to name a few.

Come Present Your Social Work Research to Us!

We invite recent PhD recipients to submit an abstract of their dissertation research for consideration. Dissertations completed between May 2010 and December 2011 are eligible to compete. Authors of the selected dissertations will be invited to present their research at the symposium and will receive a $250 honorarium. Guidelines for submitting an abstract for review can be found by clicking here.

During the symposium’s morning and afternoon sessions, recent PhD recipients from around the country will present their research on a variety of topics. In conjunction with the symposium, the Doctoral Student Organization of the College of Social Work will also be hosting the third annual Student Poster Presentation. Students from all degree levels in the college are invited to submit abstracts of their research for presentation and competition. Symposium presenters will serve as judges for the posters. 

"Having the opportunity to present at the ational Symposium on Doctoral Research as one of the memorable highlights of my early career. When I look back at ho presented at that symposium and I see where they are now, I am humbled to have been part of an illustrious group of scholars. All I can say is, ‘Who knew?’"

Dr. Howard J. Doueck

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

School of Social Work, University at Buffalo

The State University of New York


"This was a fantastic symposium. It was an honor to hear Dr. Lorraine Gutierrez speak and to have lunch with her. It was also lovely to meet other recent PhD graduates from around the United States. Ohio State’s College of Social Work is a wonderful place and Columbus is a wonderful city. I highly recommend this symposium!"

Dr. Caroline Reid

Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University

Department of Anthropology, Sociology & Social Work


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