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LiFE Sports Today = Life Skills Tomorrow: College of Social Work Continues Its Investment in OSU Summer Youth Program

This summer, the College of Social Work, Department of Athletics, and Department of Recreational Sports continued their partnership by providing the Learning in Fitness & Education (LiFE) Sports youth program at Ohio State. Approximately 500 youth attended the camp this year which attracted prominent community and university speakers including Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee, Athletic Director Gene Smith, and Head Football Coach, Jim Tressel.

LiFE Sports ran from June 24 – July 9. The camp included sport, fitness, and educational activities aimed at:

· Developing social skills, such as self-control, personal motivation, teamwork, and social responsibility, youth can use both on and off the field

· Increasing youth’s exposure to university/college life and interest in higher education

· Increasing youth’s athletic and fitness levels

· Forming life-long relationships with LiFE Sports program and staff

LiFE Sports also introduced youth to various university areas and disciplines to encourage higher education with the help of their university partners.

In addition to the impact on Central Ohio’s youth, LiFE Sports also provided an opportunity for a number of social work students to work with youth firsthand. Those social work students involved with LiFE Sports this summer include: Lexi Potter (BSSW), Misti Rogers (MSW), Sherrell Whitmire (BSSW), Anna Ball (PhD), Allie Riley (PhD), Allison Gibson (graduating MSW, incoming PhD), Catherine Hanson (prospective MSW), Lindsey Martin (incoming MSW), Noelle Spriestersbach (graduating MSW), Natalie Terlecky (MSW), and Alicia Payton (Student Research Opportunities Program Student). OSU staff assisting with staff this summer included: Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Becky Wade-Mdivanian, and Aidyn Iachini.

To learn more about LiFE Sports, contact Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butcher at (614) 292-6934 or or visit the website at

Additional stories by the Department of Athletics on LiFE Sports impact this summer can be found at:

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Dr. Rudolph Alexander, Jr. Invited to Speak at England’s Oxford University for Second Time

Dr. Rudolph Alexander, Jr., professor at The Ohio State University College of Social Work, will be speaking at a conference at Oxford University in Oxford, England. The conference theme is “Children and Social Justice” and it will run from July 12 – July 16. Alexander will be presenting his paper entitled "The Impact of Poverty of African American Children in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems." Two years ago, Alexander presented at Oxford for a conference on immigration. His presentation was on race and immigration policy in the United States.

Also an author, Alexander’s latest book is entitled Social Work, Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Macro, National, and International Perspective. For more information on Alexander’s research, click here.