Student Spotlight

Social Work Students Dish Out Plenty of #BuckeyeLove to the Homeless

DSCF8945College of Social Work students joined forces at the Blackburn Community Recreation Center on Thursday, January 29 on the city’s Eastside. As part of the annual HUD-required Point in Time Count of the homeless, coordinated through the Community Shelter Board, the center’s doors opened at 8 a.m. to serve the homeless in a variety of ways. Social Work students helped serve meals, distribute clothing, set up and tear down, greet, guide, and distribute donations. And of course, the social work students served up plenty of #BuckeyeLove, too!

Students Mark Your Calendars: February 17, 5 p.m.: Former U.S. Army Captain & New York Times bestselling author Luis Montalván & his Extraordinary Service Dog, “Tuesday” Event

Montalvan Flyer V10

Students: Thank You for Helping Us Win the Bucks Vs. Ducks Challenge!

Attention Students: Join the Bucks vs. Ducks Competition Today! Alumni & Friends Are Welcome to Give Too!

CSW Bucks vs Ducks

Students & Staff Line Up for 2014 OSU Homecoming Parade Using the Best Theme Ever: Social Workers Are Everyday Heroes!

DSCF8458College of Social Work students and staff marched with lots of swagger during the 2014 OSU Homecoming Parade. Wearing new t-shirts themed “Social Workers Are Everyday Heroes,” parade participants represented the college well.



Social Work Buckeyes Rock the 2014 Tailgate!

2014 tailgateBuckeyes of all ages kept the party going at this year’s College of Social Work tailgate! All decked out in their OSU garb, these students took a break from the dance floor to smile for the camera. Lots of food, friends, family and fun made it a day to remember!

New School Year, New Students, New Energy!

2014orientationOSU College of Social Work students started the 2014 fall semester off on the right foot with big smiles, great ambitions, and lots of energy! Standing in front of Stillman Hall, new BSSW, MSW and PhD students gathered to make history as they begin their journey as social workers.

Social Work Student Erin Hardin Brings Fun & Education to LiFE Sports Campers

Erin Hardin 2


BSSW Student Erin Hardin (center) interacts with campers during the award-winning LiFE Sports Summer Camp. Erin Served as the camp’s education coordinator, overseeing an education classroom and its leaders. Her education sessions were called “Chalk Talk.” For more information about LiFE Sports, click here.

Students Study Abroad in Nicaragua, Focus on Social Issues and Human Rights

nicstudyabroad2This year, the College of Social Work’s Study Abroad program traveled to Managua, Leon, and Granada, Nicaragua, as part of its international cross-cultural learning experience. Dr. Theresa Early and Dr. Scottye Cash accompanied 17 students from a variety of disciplines. The college’s study abroad program helps students become better prepared for the global work environment, gain an expanded worldview, and develop new skills for understanding others’–and their own–culture. Their focus this year is social issues and human rights.

 To follow their blog, click here.

Congratulations to 2014 Denman Award Winner Jessica Pever

Jessica Pever

Congratulations to College of Social Work senior and honors student Jessica Pever who won the 2014 Denman Award! Jessica’s research was selected out of more than 550 undergraduates’ outstanding research showcased at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum this year. Jessica’s research was titled “Assessing Rigor in Social Work Education from the Perspectives of Students, Faculty, and Lecturers.”  Jessica worked with Dr. Denise Bronson (pictured left) on her research project.

Jessica also recently shared her research at two annual college events—the Thesis Showcase and the Honors Dinner which included faculty, staff, students, donors and guests of the college. As an honors student with successful completion of the coursework, Jessica will graduate “With Honors Research Distinction in Social Work.”

For social work students to develop the competencies and skills required for successful social work practice a rigorous curriculum must be available to them. While it is generally accepted that a “rigorous” curriculum leads to better learning outcomes, the actual meaning of rigor and the key components of a rigorous curriculum are not well defined. This study seeks to better understand the concept of rigor as it relates to social work education.

The goals of this study are to analyze the perception of rigor collectively held by students and instructors currently engaged in The Ohio State University undergraduate social work curriculum and to examine the differing perceptions held by these two groups. To evaluate these perceptions, the concept of rigor has been broken down into three primary categories that previous studies indicated as essential components of rigor: course relevance, individual student effort, and course context.

A survey was developed to capture the perceptions held by those active in the program regarding specific items that fall within each of these categories. There were 143 students and 21 instructors who responded to the survey. It is anticipated that the two groups will hold similar perceptions of certain measured components while having differing perceptions of others. The results of this study will provide possible considerations and next steps for the College of Social Work’s undergraduate core curriculum development and help to better define the components of a rigorous curriculum.