LiFE Sports


Learning in Fitness & Education (LiFE) through Sports is a comprehensive youth development initiative at the Ohio State University. LiFE Sports provides valuable learning experiences and transforms the lives of at-risk youth through sports and physical fitness activities. The initiative is the second largest of its kind in the country, with over 600 local youth served each year, and has been recognized nationally as a model youth development program. The Ohio State University capitalizes on its experience in youth development and education and utilizes sports as a forum to teach critical life skills and leadership competencies.

LiFE Sports is a collaboration with the Ohio State University Department of Athletics. For a list of other partners, please visit our website.

The program aims to meet the needs of today’s youth in partnership with community agencies and organizations through the following key areas:

  • Service & Outreach – Increase the number and quality of sport and recreational programs that promote positive youth development among at-risk youth.
  • Teaching & Learning – Continued development of educational strategies as a way to increase the number of highly-skilled youth development professionals in the field.
  • Research – Build knowledge and best practices in the areas of youth development, social work, and physical activity as well as inform youth development policy.

Visit the LiFE Sports website to learn more about the program, including sign-up information, research opportunities, and more.