Field Education

Human Rights Activities


The College of Social Work at The Ohio State University requires all students to complete human rights activities (HRA) each semester they are enrolled in field education. The purpose of HRA is to engage the student in advocacy outside of the field placement, as well as to allow our students the opportunity to provide volunteer services to those most in need. When we talk about advocacy, we mean advocacy on a macro level addressing issues for entire populations. When we talk about volunteering, we mean working on a more individual level to help individuals in need.


  1.  BSSW, MSWII & ASAP students are required to complete 16 hours of human rights activities by the end of their field experience

  2.  MSWI students are required to complete 8 hours of human rights by the end of their field experience.

  3. These activities must be outside of the field agency and not related to the day-to-day activities of the student’s field placement. These hours count as part of the student’s total required field hours and should be recorded on the field Time Sheet.

  4.  Students must get approval from their field instructor prior to the activity in which they wish to participate. The student should discuss the event in supervision, record it in the Supervision Log, and document it in a weekly reflection.

  5.  It is the student’s responsibility to identify activities in which to participate. The College of Social Work Student Association (CSWSA) lists some sample activities on their website at

  6.  Trainings and workshops DO NOT count toward human rights activities.These activities are included in the Learning Agreement separate from HRA. Exception: If a student would like to participate in advocacy-based training they attended, the time spent only on the additional advocacy work will be counted as an HRA; not the training time.
    a. From time to time the field office will send notification (via email) of those activities that can be used for field hours. This simply means that the student can receive credit for field hours which can be listed on the Time Sheet, but will not meet the requirement for human rights

  7. Working on political campaigns or for partisan events DOES NOT count as human rights activities. All activities, both volunteer and advocacy, must be consistent with educational policies as well as NASW policy and practice statements.
    The Office of Field Education will provide additional information regarding human rights activities during orientation and other trainings.

Should you have any questions about HRAs, please contact your field liaison.

Download our Human Rights Activities Policy [PDF]