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Substance Misuse & Addiction Minor

The Substance Misuse and Addiction Minor is
designed to provide students from a wide range of majors with
an understanding of theories of addiction, assessment and
diagnosis of addiction, intervention and prevention strategies
with addicted populations, and legal and ethical issues
associated with addiction. Students will have the opportunity to
apply their educational credits toward the requirements for
practice as licensed chemical dependency counselors through
the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. This minor
would be valuable for students majoring in human development
and family sciences, criminology, education, pharmacy,
psychology, public health, sociology, and social work, among
The minor consists of 12 – 15 credit hours. Students must
ensure that their chosen courses total a minimum of
12 credit hours. At least 6 hours must be at the 3000-level
and above. Some courses in this minor have pre-requisites.
Please consult the course bulletin before enrolling in classes.

Required Core Course (3 credit hours)

  • SOCWORK 3805: Theories and Biological Basis of Addiction (3)


  • SOCWORK 5805: Theories and Biological Basis of Substance
    Misuse (3)

Select three of these courses (8-9 credit hours)

  • FST 4597.01: Alcohol and Society (3)
  • KNSFHP 3312: Issues in Alcohol/Drug Use and Abuse (2)
  • PHR 2400: Addicting Drugs: Effects, Introductory Neurobiology, and Regulation (2)
  • PHR 5590: Chemical Dependency and the Healthcare Professional (3)
  • SOCIOL 4506: Drugs and Society (3)
  • SOCWORK 3806: Substance Use Screening, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning (3)
  • SOCWORK 3807: Intervention and Prevention Strategies in Substance Use (3)
  • SOCWORK 3808 OR SOCWORK 5808: Group and Relationship Approaches in Substance Misuse Treatment (3)
  • SOCWORK 5806: Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders (3)
  • SOCWORK 5807: Preventing Substance Misuse (3)
  • WGSST 2326 OR 2326S: Feminist Perspectives on Addiction (3)

Select one of these courses (1-3 credit hours)

  • HDFS 4370: Families and Stress (3)
  • PHR 2010: Pharmacology: How Drugs Work (3)
  • PHR 2367: Drug Use in American Culture (3)
  • PHR 3420: Generation RX: America’s Drug-Taking Culture (3)
  • PHR 5460: Current Addiction Neurobiology Literature (1)
  • PUBHHBP 3510: Role of Behavior in Public Health (3)
  • SOCIOL 2202: Social Problems and Public Policy (3)
  • SOCIOL 2210: Sociological Aspects of Deviance (3)
  • SOCWORK 5021: Summer Inst. of Addiction Studies (1)
  • WGSST 2325: Health and Inequality (3)

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