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Career Acceleration Plan

Program Overview

The Career Acceleration Plan (CAP) permits a limited number of students to complete the Bachelor of Science in Social Work required major courses in three semesters. This plan is offered by the college on a selective basis to students who have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative point hour ratio; have extensive internship, volunteer or work experience in the human services field; demonstrate clearly defined social work career goals; and have completed a majority of the General Education requirements. Applicants interested in pursuing this option should contact the BSSW Program Office ( for further details. CAP is offered on the Columbus campus.

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Social Work Course Curriculum Plan*

1st Spring Semester

(15 credits)

Autumn Semester

(15 credits)

2nd Spring Semester

(15 credits)

Social Work 3201:

Social & Economic Justice

(3 credits)

Social Work 3101:

Professional Values & Ethics

(3 credits)

Social Work 3402:

Research & Stats for SWK Interventions

(3 credits)

Social Work 3501:

Engagement & Interviewing Skills

(3 credits)

Social Work 3401:

Research & Stats for SWK Problems

(3 credits)

Social Work 4188:

Field Semester

(2 credits)

Social Work 3502:

Foundations of Generalist Practice

(3 credits)

Social Work 4501:

Practice with Families

(3 credits)

Social Work 4189:

Field Placement

(10 credits)

Social Work 3503:

Practice with Diverse Populations

(3 credits)

Social Work 4502:

Practice with Groups

(3 credits)

Social Work 3600:



Social Work 5805:

Theories of Addiction

(3 credits)

Social Work 4503:

Practice with Larger Systems

(3 credits)

*If all GE courses and Social Work electives are not completed prior to admission to CAP, additional semesters may be needed to complete the social work degree.



All future social work major students must complete the major application. If you are transferring into the social work major from another university or college, you must complete the application process to The Ohio State University as well as to the College of Social Work.

Apply to the Career Acceleration Plan for Spring 2021

To apply to CAP for Spring 2021, please submit the following documents to the CAP Application Site:

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Application Deadline

Deadline to apply to CAP for Spring 2021 is December 15, 2020.