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The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree offers exceptional preparation for a rewarding career in a variety of human service settings.

You may already have a clear vision of your professional goals — whether that means working with at-risk adolescents, advocating for individuals with mental illness, providing services to veterans and their families, working for international aid organizations, or assisting people experiencing domestic violence — or you may be like many of our first-year students, who enter our College with a motivation and passion to help others, but are still deciding on a specific career path.

In either case, you will find we offer classes and field placements that prepare you for professional social work practice, graduate education, and a multitude of career opportunities.

Undergraduate social work students

will learn skills such as: College_of_Social_Work_016

  • Assessing client and community needs
  • Accessing resources
  • Conducting interviews with individuals and families
  • Implementing intervention plans
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions
  • Advocating for vulnerable populations
  • Promoting social and economic justice
  • Collaborating with professional peers


Social work is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, and offers a broad range of career opportunities. As a BSSW graduate, you are prepared to work in a variety of settings, utilizing skills such as interviewing and assessment, service planning, case management, crisis intervention, program evaluation, community outreach, community organizing, advocacy, research and networking.

Career paths could include: 

  • Child and family service agencies
  • Community mental health
  • Criminal justice organizations and correctional facilities
  • Developmental disability support agencies
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault programs
  • Programs that serve the elderly
  • Advocacy and community organization
  • Public health clinics
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Housing and homeless organizations
  • Income assistance programs
  • International aid programs
  • Schools
  • Programs for veterans and their families
  • Substance misuse and addiction programs 

Many of our students will use the undergraduate major as preparation for graduate work in social work. Students who have undergraduate degrees in social work can apply for one-year accelerated master of social work (MSW) programs. Some of our undergraduate social work majors enter various graduate and professional programs including business, law, medicine, and public health.


Social work is a profession for those with a passion to help others. You will learn social work values, principles and techniques that prepare you to help people obtain services; provide counseling to individuals, families, and groups; help communities develop or improve social services; and advocate for social justice. If you want a career with meaning, action, diversity, and an abundance of options, social work is for you!

Undergraduate Program Highlights

Contact us with questions regarding the Undergraduate Social Work Program:

Jennie Babcock, MSW, LISW-S; Undergraduate Studies Director;, 614-292-5471

Students with last names A-M should contact Andréa Severson.

Students with last names N-Z should contact Stacy Song.

Andréa Severson, MSW: Academic Advisor;, 614-292-7488

Stacy Song, MSW: Academic Advisor;, 614-292-7591