Degrees & Programs



The focus of the PhD program is creating scholars in translational research. Two phases of translational research are using knowledge from the best science to develop and test new interventions and adapting evidence-based interventions for real-world agency settings.

PhD students at the College of Social Work learn the fundamentals of:2015-EOR-Gibson-Dabelko-Carter

  • Theory-driven translational and intervention research
  • Qualitative research to understand the individual, family and community contexts of social problems
  • Mixed methods research to understand the agency and program contexts where interventions are implemented
  • Writing grants to fund research
  • Publishing and presenting


Doctoral faculty are studying:

  • Implementation of mental health screening in child welfare
  • Trauma-informed care in psychiatric hospitals
  • Substance abuse prevention in young adults
  • Positive youth development
  • School success for all students
  • Latino gangs
  • Food security
  • Human trafficking


Please contact our PhD office for more information about our innovative doctoral programming.

Dr. Mo Yee Lee, PhD Program Director 614-292-9910

Jennifer Nakayama, PhD Program Office 614-292-6188