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iTunes U


The College of Social Work looks for new ways to increase access to the knowledge of our outstanding faculty. Ohio State is proud to be the first college of social work to have full social work lectures available in the iTunes U store.

Currently, three courses are available for free download in the iTunes store. Click on the course name below to view a full description.

Human Trafficking 

This course provides a comprehensive discourse on domestic and global human trafficking, by examining various forms of human trafficking from a social justice lens. Access the course description here.

Human Development Across the Lifespan in a Social Context 
This course reviews common growth experiences across the lifespan from a social work perspective, accounting for the many influences, including social influences, that can impact development and change across time. Access the course description here.

Theories and Biological Basis of Substance Use and Addiction 
This two-part course is designed as an introduction to and exploration of theories concerning substance abuse and addiction. The content is presented within a social work framework, emphasizing both the biopsychosocial and lifespan perspectives. The course addresses a wide range of substances of abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, illicit “street” and “club” drugs, and commonly abused prescription drugs. Access the course description here.